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i am a total geek

Weaving Articles decoration
But some may well be of interest to all weavers.

DIY Arduino Board Holder decoration
Quick, good, and cheap DIY Arduino board holder. Made out of polymer clay. Once you have the clay, it's less than an hour (and half of that is waiting for the oven. Full instructions are here and also downloadable as a PDF.

Arduino Uno with the DHT22 Sensor decoration
Arduino wired up to read output from DHT22 and write it to the Arduino Serial Monitor. Image and Fritzing diagram included.

An Introduction to the VAX decoration
Just what it says. One of my early geek credentials when I was working in the Academic Computer Center at Western Michigan University. Apparently only two copies in libraries: one in California and one in the Waldo Library at WMU. I wrote the thing and designed the cover. (PDF)

For Edward Snowden decoration
A piece of algorithmic art for Mr. Snowden with a big data motif. More generativeor Algorithmic Art can be seen on my named site (

Processing Revisited decoration
Use your mouse to interact with this little sketch (and see the simple code). Also, a link to some great tutorials, a wonderful quote from Georg Nees, and a fascinating video on many things digital.

The Online Education Phenomenon decoration
A page of annotated links of articles and resources for anyone interested in this fast growing area of free online education and flipped classrooms. not updated since 10/2013.

NLP, NLTK, and ngram decoration
A brief intro to the pleasures of Natural Language Processing.

Sebastian Thrun and udacity.com decoration
Stanford prof starts up free online university--for geeks!

Letterpress Pages: Fairfax Press decoration
Thirty plus years—1970-2004, of collecting lead type and letterpress printing equipment ended when I had to sell all to pay property taxes. I started putting the history of Fairfax Press on the web in 1997. (Opens in new window and some external links may no longer work.)

Raspberry-Pi is coming!!!! decoration
The ~$35USD computer to be released March/April 2012. Listen up—you don't want to miss this.

Notes on Things Visual decoration
Interesting bits to tweak your visual mind and exercise your brain.

Me, My Arduino Uno, and a 7-seg LED decoration
By way of discovering the Processing language and its digital art capabilities, I also discovered the Arduino world. And I'm realizing I was born 20 or 30 years too early. About the first thing I did with my beautiful genuine Arduino Uno was to decipher the Radio Shack 7-segment LED.

Harry Potter Fan Fiction: Magicsoft by Richard Heurtley. decoration
This is for any geek with a passing interest in Harry Potter! My friend Richard has written a real fan-fiction, page-turner (and there are maybe 40 of them) about the convergence of Muggle computers and Hogwarts magic. A must read! (9 May 2007) [Opens in a new window.]

The Color Game decoration
challenging quiz for the eye and brain.

Notes on the Study of Astrology decoration
What I hope will be helpful notes to anyone thinking about the study of astrology.

Adventures in Processing decoration
Processing is a language that makes programming easier for designers and artists who want to fiddle with pixels.[Opens in a new window.]