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Best Astrology Bookstore in the United States:
Please note: I have no connection with other than that this is where I get my astrology books. The service is excellent, and the owner has gone to much trouble not just to sell you books in an extremely pleasing manner, but to educate you through his comments so that you can be sure of knowing what it is you are ordering. This is, without a doubt, one of the very best book sites on the internet. (I have an extensive library on many subjects and 2 and 2/3 degrees in Literature, so I do know something about books and about buying them.)

This is not an exhaustive list of the astrology books I have read, or possess. It is rather a list distilled from my study and my use of the books in my own astrology library, which I started building in 1970. For those with time, but not enough money for a course (see below), read on:

Books I highly recommend for teaching yourself:
Keep in mind that I value books that cover the subject thoroughly, do not aim to entertain where I have come to learn. Are not cute, or make attempts to be cute. I can tell the difference between bad prose and good prose, and it matters greatly to me. I always prefer a strong index and bibliography.

Here follows my exceedingly personal list of books necessary for erecting charts and interpreting them on your own.

First -- a warning page about a real problem in astrological study.

Second -- know that I am a firm believer in learning how to calculate a chart yourself. So learn to do it, and ignore the fact that a computer can do it in the blink of an eye. Your study will benefit greatly. See the books in the Technical Section below.

Strongly recommended books of INTRODUCTION:
Astrology - R. Davison - This should be your first book. Long out of print, it is once again available, BUT it is WAY WAY down on the page!

The Modern Text Book of Astrology - Margaret Hone. Long out of print, has been revived by AstroAmerica. (Scroll down a bit on that page to get to the book!) Clear, careful, sound application with no airy-fairy approaches or digressions. Teaches the Equal House System. (This is my preference. See My House-warning note.) (Story of my acquisition of this book.)


As I said above -- it nice to know how a chart is calculated. If you prefer to skip this aspect of it and all the satisfaction it can bring, then check out the software list further down.

Required: an Ephemeris
These fascinating books of tables tell you exactly where in the sky every planet is located on any given day -- at midnight or noon. They also track the moon. These books are not specific to astrology -- they are used by astronomers and any student of navigation. I would make my first one inclusive of the years in which most of my friends were born. You can branch out later. I would also suggest you accept the recommendation of Dave at I have many ephemeri but my preference is for the first one I ever got, and might not be a happy choice for you. I also look forward to acquiring the yearly Raphael's Ephemeris. It is one of the small delights in publishing--a perfect little book with reams of information, well printed, a pleasure to use. (As a corollary to this, Dave also sells How to read Raphael's Ephemeris -- bottom of the page, under the listing at

The American Atlas
The International Atlas
These are both books of time chages, i.e., when war time, or daylight savings time began each year for a particular area. You simply can't hope to erect an accurate chart without knowing this information. And, accuracy is everything in astrological calculations.

Placidus Table of Houses - Rosicrucian Fellowship
You use this book to calculate the cusp of the Houses. (If you are just beginning, don't be put off by these strange terms. At this point, just know that this book is necessary for finding astrological information that is specific to the person's place and time of birth.) (See Warning.)

Natal Charting - John Filbey, 1981.
This is a wonderful book for the mathematically intrepid. A season with this book will make you conversant with all phases of chart calculation -- it will make you comfortable with the basis for astrological calculation, your ticket to the black hole which computer calculation prevents you from entering. It does not go into any interpretive factors at all.


FREE: Astro123 and Morinus for Windows OS.

The cream of the commerical crop is, without a doubt, Solar Fire.


CAVEAT EMPTOR: The Faculty courses require a great deal of time and work. They are not for the faint-of-heart or for the "just curious." If you are not both determined and serious, you will be wasting your money (a great deal of it). If you are both of these, you will reap the benefits that this marvelous institution has to offer.

If you have less money and time, take a look at
The SuperStar Course in Natal Astrology. Ignore the silly name; take the course.