Astrology Notes - House-warning page

About Astrological Houses
I find there is one problem in astrological study: which House System to use.

Differences among house systems frequently land the planets of a chart in different houses. This is significant because the house placement of a planet is of great importance in interpreting a chart. There a many to systems to choose from, but three of them are at the top of that list: Equal, Placidus, and Koch.

I ran into this problem the year I began to study astrology. After thinking about it for some time, I settled on the Equal House System. I did so because in my developing approach to astrology I was coming to believe that at that very moment of birth every human has a clean plate. And, on that plate is scored the possibles of the human condition and that these possibles should be given equal weight.

Thus in this system, the house concerned with matters of earning a living (2nd) is just as important as the house concerned with relationships (7th). The matters of the houses are all contained within each of us. House matters take on added significance according to the planets placed in them. In other words, I believe humans have potential in the areas governed by each house, the activation or not, of these potentials is a matter to be read in the erected chart.

The Equal House System also obviates the main problem of the Placidus system. The Placidus syustem results in extremely uneven houses if the native should be born in extreme northern or southern latitudes.

However, as I said at the start, this is a problem and a debate always ongoing in astrology. For an excellent treatment of this issue, please read The Elements of House Division by Ralph William Holden. It will help.

R. C. Davison uses the Placidus system. My one and only quarrel with his impressive book. Margaret Hone and many other excellent British astrologers use the Equal House System. I also think that the Faculty of Astrological Studies uses that system exclusively.

But, as I say, this is something for you to think about as you advance in your study. Obviously, after you are some way into your learning, start erecting the same chart using both systems and draw your own conclusions.

Update: January 2014.
I am just now embarking on a study of Morin, the 17th Century French mathematician and astrologer to the Queen of France. This may well affect my thinking on house matters in the future. I've decided to do this after reading David Roell's various comments on Morin as well as some reading in the Cornerstones of Astrology which book may be obtained from AstroAmerica.

Update: February 2014.
My nascent study of Morin has led me into all sorts of things. And, as always, I continue to be interested in the "house question." I'm about to persuade myself that the Whole Sign House System combines what I consider to be the most important aspect of the Equal House System (houses of equal size) with the added simplicity of the beginning of each sign tied to the house cusp. That is, should you have 15 degrees 20 minutes of Libra rising, then the first house cusp will be 0 degrees of Libra, the second house cusp will be 0 degrees of Scorpio, and so on.