Sebastian Thrun and

One More Hero in My Life

This video will introduce him and his vision of education:
Sebastian Thrun speaking at DLD

He is Sebastian Thrun, one of the Stanford professors who offered the online AI class last year. It was a life-changer for him and he has since left Stanford to realize his visions in the wider world. I have signed up for the first offering, CS 101 -- Building a Search Engine, which begins 20 February, 2012. It will be taught by David Evans, University of Virginia. There is a Facebook page for the class (OMG, I will actually now have to use Facebook!)

This course, and one on Robotic Cars, are the first offerings from his group. For anyone who might be a borderline geek, and who is hungry for more learning (If nothing else, it will help to ward off Alzheimer's!) his idea of what education should be is a godsend. They are offering many more courses this year. The home link is

Notebook and keyboard for CS101 at