My New (geek) Toy

TI 83 Plus Silver Edition calculator

My Last High-end Calculator was a Slide Rule

Having signed up for another course at, this one to be taught by Sebastian Thrun himself, I thought I would treat myself to something I've been curious about for years. A "real" calculator!

I talked to my Proto-geek friend, Richard (He's an HP man!), and learned about RPN calculators. (RPN = Reverse Polish Notation.) I decided that learning statistics will be hard enough without also trying to figure out a new (non-sequential) behavior for my brain and fingers. So, I am now the proud owner of a Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus Silver Edition (refurbished). It's a gorgeous looking piece of machinery.

(Clicking on the image will bring up a larger version.)

It being a non-RPN beast, I can enter things exactly as I would write them (or read them). Very nice for keeping my brain clean.

I ended up with this particular model because about a year ago I had picked up the manuals for this model at a garage sale in the "free box", thinking, well, maybe someday, finally I'll actually get one! Having the manuals is really nice for a book-lover like me. And, I guess they don't come with big fat books anymore. So, I paid $64 for this tiny, shiny magic box with a picture window, and am having much fun with it. My Statistics class starts June 25. I'm ready.